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The Survival Pack is a DIGITAL product and nothing will be shipped to you.

The videos, book and audio are available online from any computer or device with internet access.  All the materials are also available for download to view offline.   This is a complete package with no expiration date and no future obligation or payments due.  

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Here's What You'll Learn:

  • A self-protection system unlike anything you’ve ever seen; one you can quickly & easily learn... that works every time... Guaranteed!
  • How not to ‘fight’ (fighting is hard & slow to learn) but rather to cause debilitating injury... something anyone can do regardless of prior training or ability.
  • ‘Hard wire’ these concepts into your nervous system using all 3 learning modalities: reading, listening & watching.
  • More than 2½ hours of video & 5 hours of audio... digitally delivered and instantly accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • And much, MUCH more...

"This program get's my highest endorsement"
--- Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Being a police officer I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon...

“I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can't get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!”

-- Aaron Gardiner
Sheriff Deputy, Houston, TX

Surpassed any expectations that I could have imagined

“At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!”

-- William Allen
Mapleton, ME


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